Maryland Hardiness Zones for Selected Cities and Locations

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List of Hardiness Zones for Maryland Cities and Locations
Maryland LocationUSDA Hardiness Zone(s)
AberdeenZone 7a
Aberdeen Proving GroundZone 7a
AccidentZone 6a
AccokeekZone 7a, 7b
AdamstownZone 7a
AdelphiZone 7a
AlgonquinZone 7b
Allegany CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
AllenZone 7b
Andrews AFBZone 7a
AnnapolisZone 7b
Annapolis NeckZone 7b
Anne Arundel CountyZone 7a, 7b
AntietamZone 6b
AquascoZone 7a, 7b
ArbutusZone 7b
Arden on the SevernZone 7b
ArnoldZone 7b
Ashton-Sandy SpringZone 7a
Aspen HillZone 7a
BadenZone 7a, 7b
BakersvilleZone 6b
Ballenger CreekZone 7a
BaltimoreZone 7a, 7b, 8a
Baltimore City CountyZone 7a, 7b, 8a
Baltimore CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b
Baltimore HighlandsZone 7b
BarclayZone 7a
BarnesvilleZone 7a
BarrelvilleZone 6b
BartonZone 6b
BartonsvilleZone 7a
Beaver CreekZone 6b
Bel AirZone
Bel AirZone 7a
Bel Air NorthZone 7a
Bel Air SouthZone 7a
BeltsvilleZone 7a
BenedictZone 7b
BensvilleZone 7a, 7b
BerlinZone 7b
Berwyn HeightsZone 7a
BethesdaZone 7a
BettertonZone 7a
BierZone 6b
Big PoolZone 6b
Big SpringZone 6b
BishopvilleZone 7b
BivalveZone 7b
BladensburgZone 7a
BloomingtonZone 6b
BoonsboroZone 6b, 7a
BowieZone 7a
Bowleys QuartersZone 7b
Bowling GreenZone 7a
Bowmans AdditionZone 6b
Braddock HeightsZone 7a
BrandywineZone 7a
BreathedsvilleZone 6b
BrentwoodZone 7a
Brock HallZone 7a
BrookevilleZone 7a
Brooklyn ParkZone 7b
BrookmontZone 7A
BrookviewZone 7b
Broomes IslandZone 7b
BrownsvilleZone 7a
BrunswickZone 7a
Bryans RoadZone 7a, 7b
BryantownZone 7a
BuckeystownZone 7a
BurkittsvilleZone 7a
BurtonsvilleZone 7a
ButlertownZone 7a
Cabin JohnZone 7a
CaliforniaZone 7b
Calvert BeachZone 7b
Calvert CountyZone 7a, 7b
CalvertonZone 7a
CambridgeZone 7b
Camp SpringsZone 7a
Cape St. ClaireZone 7b
Capitol HeightsZone 7a
CarlosZone 6a
CarneyZone 7a, 7b
Caroline CountyZone 7a, 7b
Carroll CountyZone 6b, 7a
CatonsvilleZone 7a, 7b
CavetownZone 6b
Cecil CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b
CeciltonZone 7a
CedarvilleZone 7a
CentrevilleZone 7a
ChanceZone 7b
Charles CountyZone 7a, 7b
CharlestownZone 7a
Charlotte HallZone 7a
CharltonZone 6b
Chesapeake BeachZone 7b
Chesapeake CityZone 7a
Chesapeake Ranch EstatesZone 7b
ChesterZone 7b
ChestertownZone 7a
CheverlyZone 7a
Chevy ChaseZone 7a
Chevy ChaseZone 7a
Chevy Chase Section FiveZone 7a
Chevy Chase Section ThreeZone 7a
Chevy Chase ViewZone 7a
Chevy Chase VillageZone 7a
ChewsvilleZone 6b
ChillumZone 7a
ChoptankZone 7b
Church CreekZone 7b
Church HillZone 7a
ClarksburgZone 7a
ClarysvilleZone 6b
Clear SpringZone 6b
ClintonZone 7a, 7b
CloverlyZone 7a
Cobb IslandZone 7b
CockeysvilleZone 7a
ColesvilleZone 7a
College ParkZone 7a
Colmar ManorZone 7a
ColumbiaZone 6b, 7a
Coral HillsZone 7a
CordovaZone 7a
Cottage CityZone 7a
CrellinZone 5b
CresaptownZone 6a, 6b, 7a
CrisfieldZone 8a
CroftonZone 7a
CroomZone 7a
CrownsvilleZone 7b
CumberlandZone 6b, 7a
DamascusZone 7a
Dames QuarterZone 7b
DanvilleZone 6b
DarganZone 6b
DarlingtonZone 7a
DarnestownZone 6b, 7a
DawsonZone 6b
Deal IslandZone 7b
DealeZone 7b
Deer ParkZone 5b
DelmarZone 7b
DentonZone 7a
DerwoodZone 7a
DetmoldZone 6b
District HeightsZone 7a
Dorchester CountyZone 7a, 7b
DownsvilleZone 6b
Drum PointZone 7b
DundalkZone 7b
DunkirkZone 7a
Eagle HarborZone 7b
Eakles MillZone 6b
East New MarketZone 7b
East RiverdaleZone 7a
EastonZone 7b
Eckhart MinesZone 6b
EdenZone 7b
EdesvilleZone 7b
EdgemereZone 7b
EdgemontZone 6b
EdgewaterZone 7b
EdgewoodZone 7a, 7b
EdmonstonZone 7a
EldersburgZone 6b, 7a
EldoradoZone 7b
ElkridgeZone 7a, 7b
ElktonZone 7a
Ellicott CityZone 6b, 7a
ElliottZone 7b
EmmitsburgZone 6b
EssexZone 7b
FairlandZone 7a
FairleeZone 7a
FairmountZone 7b, 8a
Fairmount HeightsZone 7a
FairplayZone 6b
FairviewZone 6b
FairwoodZone 7a
FallstonZone 7a
FederalsburgZone 7a
FerndaleZone 7b
FinzelZone 6a
Fishing CreekZone 7b
FlintstoneZone 6b
Forest GlenZone 7a
Forest HeightsZone 7b
ForestvilleZone 7a
Fort MeadeZone 7a
Fort RitchieZone 6b
Fort WashingtonZone 7a, 7b
Fountainhead-Orchard HillsZone 6b
Four CornersZone 7a
FranklinZone 6b
FrederickZone 7a
Frederick CountyZone 6b, 7a
Frenchtown-RumblyZone 7b, 8a
FriendlyZone 7a, 7b
FriendshipZone 7a, 7b
Friendship Heights VillageZone 7a
FriendsvilleZone 6a
FrostburgZone 6a, 6b
FruitlandZone 7b
FultonZone 7a
FunkstownZone 6b
GaithersburgZone 7a
GalenaZone 7a
GalestownZone 7b
GalesvilleZone 7b
GambrillsZone 7a, 7b
GaplandZone 7a
Garrett CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b
Garrett ParkZone 7a
Garretts MillZone 6b
GarrisonZone 7a
GeorgetownZone 7a, 7b
GermantownZone 7a
GirdletreeZone 7b
GlassmanorZone 7a, 7b
Glen BurnieZone 7a, 7b
Glen EchoZone 7a
GlenardenZone 7a
GlenmontZone 7a
Glenn DaleZone 7a
Golden BeachZone 7a, 7b
GoldsboroZone 7a
GormanZone 5b
GrahamtownZone 6b
GrantsvilleZone 6a
GrasonvilleZone 7b
GreenbeltZone 7a
GreensboroZone 7a
GreensburgZone 6b
HagerstownZone 6b, 7a
HalfwayZone 6b
HampsteadZone 6b, 7a
HamptonZone 7a
HancockZone 6b
Harford CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b
Havre de GraceZone 7a
HebronZone 7b
HendersonZone 7a
Herald HarborZone 7b
Highfield-CascadeZone 6b
HighlandZone 7a
Highland BeachZone 7b
HillandaleZone 7a
Hillcrest HeightsZone 7a
HillsboroZone 7a
Howard CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b
HughesvilleZone 7a, 7b
HuntingtownZone 7b
HurlockZone 7b
HuttonZone 5b
HyattsvilleZone 7a
IlchesterZone 7a, 7b
Indian HeadZone 7b
Indian SpringsZone 6b
JarrettsvilleZone 7a
JenningsZone 6a
JessupZone 7a
JestervilleZone 7b
JoppatowneZone 7a, 7b
JugtownZone 6b
KeedysvilleZone 6b
Kemp MillZone 7a
Kemps MillZone 6b
KennedyvilleZone 7a
KensingtonZone 7a
Kent CountyZone 7a, 7b
Kent NarrowsZone 7b
KetteringZone 7a
KingstownZone 7a
KingsvilleZone 7a
KitzmillerZone 6a
KonterraZone 7a
La PlataZone 7a
La ValeZone 6b, 7a
Lake ArborZone 7a
Lake ShoreZone 7b
LandoverZone 7a
Landover HillsZone 7a
Langley ParkZone 7a
LanhamZone 7a
LansdowneZone 7b
LargoZone 7a
LaurelZone 7a
LayhillZone 7a
LaytonsvilleZone 7a
Leisure WorldZone 7a
LeitersburgZone 6b
LeonardtownZone 7b
Lexington ParkZone 7b
LibertytownZone 6b, 7a
LinganoreZone 6b, 7a
LinthicumZone 7b
Little OrleansZone 6b
Loch Lynn HeightsZone 5b
LochearnZone 7a
Long BeachZone 7b
LukeZone 6b
LusbyZone 7b
LuthervilleZone 7a
MadisonZone 7b
ManchesterZone 7a
MaplevilleZone 7a
Mardela SpringsZone 7b
Marlboro MeadowsZone 7a
Marlboro VillageZone 7a
Marlow HeightsZone 7a
MarltonZone 7a
Martin's AdditionsZone 7a
MarydelZone 7a
Maryland CityZone 7a
MaugansvilleZone 6b
MayoZone 7b
Mays ChapelZone 7a
McCooleZone 6b
MechanicsvilleZone 7a
MelwoodZone 7a
MercersvilleZone 6b
Middle RiverZone 7b
MiddleburgZone 6b
MiddletownZone 7a
MidlandZone 6b
MidlothianZone 6a
Milford MillZone 7a
MillingtonZone 7a
MitchellvilleZone 7a
MonroviaZone 6b, 7a
Montgomery CountyZone 6b, 7A, 7a
Montgomery VillageZone 7a
MorningsideZone 7a
MoscowZone 6b
Mount AetnaZone 6b
Mount AiryZone 7a
Mount BriarZone 6b
Mount LenaZone 7a
Mount RainierZone 7a
Mount SavageZone 6b
Mount VernonZone 7b
Mountain Lake ParkZone 5b
MyersvilleZone 7a
NanticokeZone 7b
Nanticoke AcresZone 7b
Naval AcademyZone 7b
New CarrolltonZone 7a
New MarketZone 6b
New WindsorZone 6b
NewarkZone 7b
North BeachZone 7b
North BethesdaZone 7a
North BrentwoodZone 7a
North Chevy ChaseZone 7a
North EastZone 7a
North KensingtonZone 7a
North LaurelZone 7a
North PotomacZone 7a
OaklandZone 5b
OceanZone 6b
Ocean CityZone 7b
Ocean PinesZone 7b
OdentonZone 7a
OldtownZone 6b
OlneyZone 7a
OverleaZone 7b
OwingsZone 7a, 7b
Owings MillsZone 7a
OxfordZone 7b
Oxon HillZone 7a, 7b
Paramount-Long MeadowZone 6b
ParkvilleZone 7a, 7b
ParoleZone 7b
ParsonsburgZone 7b
PasadenaZone 7b
PecktonvilleZone 6b
Peppermill VillageZone 7a
Perry HallZone 7a, 7b
PerrymanZone 7a, 7b
PerryvilleZone 7a
PikesvilleZone 7a
PinesburgZone 6b
Piney PointZone 7b
PittsvilleZone 7b
Pleasant GroveZone 6b
Pleasant HillsZone 7a
Pocomoke CityZone 7b
Point of RocksZone 7a
PomfretZone 7a
PondsvilleZone 6b
PoolesvilleZone 7a
Port DepositZone 7a
Port Tobacco VillageZone
PotomacZone 7a
Potomac HeightsZone 7b
Potomac ParkZone
PowellvilleZone 7b
PrestonZone 7b
Prince FrederickZone 7b
Prince Georges CountyZone 7A, 7B, 7a, 7b
Princess AnneZone 7b
PylesvilleZone 6b, 7a
QuanticoZone 7b
Queen AnneZone 7a
Queen AnneZone 7a
Queen Anne's CountyZone 7a, 7b
QueenslandZone 7a
QueenstownZone 7b
RandallstownZone 6b, 7a
RawlingsZone 6b
RedlandZone 7a
ReidZone 6b
ReisterstownZone 7a
RidgelyZone 7a
RinggoldZone 6b
Rising SunZone 6b, 7a
RivaZone 7b
Riverdale ParkZone 7a
RiversideZone 7a
Riviera BeachZone 7b
RobinwoodZone 6b
Rock HallZone 7b
Rock PointZone 7b
RockvilleZone 7a
RosaryvilleZone 7a
RosedaleZone 7b
RosemontZone 7a
RossvilleZone 7b
SabillasvilleZone 6b
SalisburyZone 7b
San MarZone
Sandy HookZone 6b
ScaggsvilleZone 7a
SeabrookZone 7a
Seat PleasantZone 7a
SecretaryZone 7b
SevernZone 7a, 7b
Severna ParkZone 7a, 7b
Shady SideZone 7b
ShaftZone 6b
SharpsburgZone 6b
SharptownZone 7b
Silver HillZone 7a
Silver SpringZone 7a
Smith IslandZone 8a
SmithsburgZone 6b
Snow HillZone 7b
SolomonsZone 7b
SomersetZone 7a
Somerset CountyZone 7a, 7b, 8a
South KensingtonZone 7a
South LaurelZone 7a
SpencervilleZone 7a
Spring GapZone 6b
Spring RidgeZone 6b, 7a
SpringdaleZone 7a
St. George IslandZone 7b
St. JamesZone 6b
St. LeonardZone 7b
St. Marys CountyZone 7a, 7b
St. MichaelsZone 7b
StevensvilleZone 7b
StocktonZone 7b
SudlersvilleZone 7a
SuitlandZone 7a
SummerfieldZone 7a
SwantonZone 6a
SykesvilleZone 6b, 7a
Takoma ParkZone 7a
Talbot CountyZone 7a, 7b
Tall TimbersZone 7b
TaneytownZone 6b
Taylors IslandZone 7b
Temple HillsZone 7a
TemplevilleZone 7a
ThurmontZone 6b
Tilghman IslandZone 7b
TilghmantonZone 6b
TimoniumZone 7a
TolchesterZone 7b
TowsonZone 7a, 7b
TrappeZone 7b
TravilahZone 7a
Trego-Rohrersville StationZone
TyaskinZone 7b
Union BridgeZone 6b
University ParkZone 7a
Upper MarlboroZone 7a
UrbanaZone 6b, 7a
Vale SummitZone 6a
ViennaZone 7b
WaldorfZone 7a
Walker MillZone 7a
WalkersvilleZone 6b, 7a
Washington CountyZone 6b, 7a
Washington GroveZone 7a
WaterviewZone 7b
West DentonZone 7a
West LaurelZone 7a
West Ocean CityZone 7b
West PocomokeZone 7b
WesternportZone 6b
WestminsterZone 6b, 7a
WestphaliaZone 7a
WhaleyvilleZone 7b
WheatonZone 7a
White MarshZone 7b
White OakZone 7a
WhitehavenZone 7b
Wicomico CountyZone 7a, 7b
WillardsZone 7b
WilliamsportZone 6b
WillistonZone 7a
Wilson-ConococheagueZone 6b
WoodlandZone 6b
WoodlawnZone 7a
WoodlawnZone 7a
WoodmoreZone 7a
WoodsboroZone 6b
Worcester CountyZone 7a, 7b, 8a
WortonZone 7a
ZihlmanZone 6a, 6b
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