Arizona Drought Conditions Map - March 17, 2020

Abnormally Dry Moderate Drought Severe Drought Extreme Drought Exceptional Drought

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Drought Conditions for Arizona Cities and Towns

LocationDrought Level
Angell Abnormally Dry
Bibo Moderate Drought
Bitter Springs Moderate Drought
Blue Gap Severe Drought
Burnside Moderate Drought
Cameron Severe Drought
Cane Beds Abnormally Dry
Canyon Diablo Moderate Drought
Carrizo Abnormally Dry
Chambers Severe Drought
Chilchinbito Severe Drought
Chinle Moderate Drought
Cornfields Severe Drought
Del Muerto Moderate Drought
Dennehotso Severe Drought
Dilkon Moderate Drought
Dinnehotso Severe Drought
First Mesa Severe Drought
Fort Defiance Moderate Drought
Fredonia Abnormally Dry
Ganado Moderate Drought
Grand Canyon Natl Park Moderate Drought
Grand Canyon Village Moderate Drought
Grand Canyon Moderate Drought
Gray Mountain Severe Drought
Greasewood Severe Drought
Holbrook Abnormally Dry
Hotevilla-Bacavi Severe Drought
Hotevilla Severe Drought
Houck Severe Drought
Indian Wells Moderate Drought
Jack Rabbit Abnormally Dry
Jadito Severe Drought
Jeddito Severe Drought
Joseph City Abnormally Dry
Kaibab Abnormally Dry
Kaibito Severe Drought
Kayenta Severe Drought
Keams Canyon Severe Drought
Klagetoh Severe Drought
Kykotsmovi Village Severe Drought
LeChee Moderate Drought
Leupp Moderate Drought
Low Mountain Severe Drought
Lukachukai Moderate Drought
Lupton Severe Drought
Many Farms Severe Drought
Marble Canyon Moderate Drought
Mexican Water Severe Drought
Moccasin Abnormally Dry
Moenkopi Severe Drought
Nazlini Moderate Drought
North Rim Moderate Drought
Oak Springs Moderate Drought
Oljato-Monument Valley Severe Drought
Page Moderate Drought
Petrified Forest Natl Park Abnormally Dry
Pinon Severe Drought
Polacca Severe Drought
Red Mesa Severe Drought
Red Valley Severe Drought
Rock Point Moderate Drought
Rough Rock Severe Drought
Round Rock Moderate Drought
Saint Michaels Moderate Drought
Sanders Severe Drought
Sawmill Moderate Drought
Seba Dalkai Moderate Drought
Second Mesa Severe Drought
Sehili Moderate Drought
Shongopovi Severe Drought
Shonto Severe Drought
Shungopavi Severe Drought
Snowflake Abnormally Dry
Steamboat Canyon Severe Drought
Steamboat Severe Drought
Sun Valley Abnormally Dry
Sunrise Springs Severe Drought
Sunrise Trading Post Moderate Drought
Supai Abnormally Dry
Taylor Abnormally Dry
Teec Nos Pos Severe Drought
Tees Toh Moderate Drought
Tolani Lake Severe Drought
Tonalea Severe Drought
Toyei Severe Drought
Tsaile Moderate Drought
Tuba City Severe Drought
Tusayan Abnormally Dry
Tuweep Abnormally Dry
Two Guns Abnormally Dry
Valle Abnormally Dry
West Winslow Moderate Drought
White Cone Severe Drought
Wide Ruins Severe Drought
Window Rock Moderate Drought
Winslow West Moderate Drought
Winslow Moderate Drought
Woodruff Abnormally Dry
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